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Tax Deduction

Q. What does we do with your vehicle?

A. Your vehicle will either be sold at auction or for parts depending on
its condition. Some of the vehicles we receive are transferred directly to needy families who can use them. Any proceeds from the cars will help support the social services provided by the Chabad Jewish Center that in turn help the young and old in our community in a non discriminatory manner.

Q. How much can you deduct for your car?

A. Auto donations are tax deductible and will benefit each donor differently.

If you itemize your tax deductions, you may write-off the market value of this donation up to $500 with the initial receipt we will give you.

If your donated vehicle sells for over $500, and our records show you intend to itemize your deductions, you will receive a supplemental IRS 1098-C form showing the gross proceeds of the sale and you will be required to file IRS form 8283.

If your vehicle sells for over 5,000 the charity is required to file IRS form 8282 and will contact you to review all other federal requirements.

Please check with your tax advisor to see how this tax deduction will best benefit you.

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