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Cape Cod Car Donation

Congratulations! You’ve decided to donate your car. Donating a car in Cape Cod offers unbelievable rewards. You’ll enjoy a maximum IRS tax deduction as well as a complimentary vacation voucher on us. Plus, we’ll take the car off your hands free of charge! Your car donation in Cape Cod will help us support our many beneficial programs for visitors and residents of the Cape Cod Community and Greater Massachusetts.

Who We Are

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Cape Cod Car Donation
Cape Cod Car Donation supports a 100% charitable organization. We have many projects and programs that warm people's hearts and help them when they need our support. Your car donation helps us step in where the community needs us and enables us to bring the love and hands on assistance. When you donate a car to us you can rest assured it's supporting a great cause. For More About Us, Continue reading »

Car Donation Facts

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Benefits of Donating A Car
There are many benefits to donating your car to charity. You can read more about the tax deduction benefits here or you can read more about all our special charitable programs and how your donation will directly support many people in need. Drive a smile home today by donating your car. Continue reading »

Free Vacation Voucher

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Hotel Stay On Us
We offer you a free vacation voucher as a thank you for donating a car with us. It's a small thank you back for donating a car or vehicle and our way of saying thanks for helping bring us closer to our destination. Our dream of making this world a brighter and better place one person at a time.